My manuscripts neither copy nor try to convey the style of the antique ones. They are texts written with dip pen (with metallic nib) and ink.  The script follows the basic rules of the Greek minuscule (in the way it had been styled for the 9th to 15th century AD), in my own handwriting, as applied to every scribe of past times.

Each manuscript in this page is created only once, not only because it is handmade, but also as my attitude is not to reproduce the same manuscripts. Thus, I might write the same text several times or use the same source for the decorative motives but the outcome would be different (colors, the setting of the text and the title, the decoration etc). I have this attitude because it’s important to me not to create twice a manuscript and, more than this, I’d like the receiver to have the certainty that he/she is the owner of a unique article.

Α autographic note, written in Greek and English, is attached to your manuscript. In this note you will find information about the script, the materials I’ve used, the source of the text and the decoration and whatever is considered to be important for the proper information of the owner and the authenticity of the manuscript. All manuscripts are signed by me and have a footnote referring to the place and date they’ve been made as well as a small gold-colored seal presenting a Capricorn.